3 ceramic kitchen styles you’ll love

What is the kitchen style for you?

The kitchen is that space of union and reunion, it is the epicentre of family life. And whatever your family and your style, to have the perfect kitchen you just need it to be:

Be a functional and welcoming space
Easy to clean and disinfect
Be a safe space

Cosy is a relative term, each family will understand as cosy one decorative style or another, but what the perfect kitchens have in common is that they have ceramics as the star material to cover the kitchens.

What about style? Now we look at three very different styles that can be achieved with different aesthetics and ceramic collections.

Contemporary kitchen design, bold and very visual kitchen with ceramics.

Ambiente / Space Pavimento / Floor tile: Trend Nacar RC 60×120cm / 24”×48” Revestimiento / Wall tile: Trend Decor Nacar RC 60×120cm/ 24”×48

Colour, patterns, intense colours and metal bring this kitchen to life and make you fall in love at first sight. It doesn’t matter whether you see the glass as half full or half empty. With Trend (link to: Trend, you will fill your days with optimism.

A stylish and functional space in which ceramics take centre stage. It covers the walls, the island and, of course, the floor. However, in this case with the Trend Nacar RC 60x120cm base, it is an element that adds serenity to the amount of visual stimuli of this contemporary style kitchen with ceramics.

As you can see, by combining the Trend Decor Nacar wall tiling with modern furniture in earth and wood tones, we have achieved that perfect balance between modernity, fun and warmth.

In ceramic wood, the most relaxed and cosy style of ceramic kitchen.

Ambiente / Space Pavimento / Floor tile: Minimal Wood Traditional RC 20×120 cm / 8”×48” Revestimiento / Wall tile: Marquetry Traditional RC 60×120 cm / 24”×48

Ceramic is a very aesthetic material that allows many decorative possibilities. Always taking into account the multiple functionalities of ceramics in terms of ease of maintenance, which is very resistant and fireproof.

In this case, Minimal Wood Traditional ceramic wood helps to give continuity between the kitchen and the living room. The open space gives a feeling of spaciousness in the room, a sensation that is accompanied by the large format of the tile. The natural tone of the floor and wall tiles matches the dark tone of the furniture and conveys comfort.

Industrial style kitchen, a casual style

Ambiente / Space Pavimento / Floor tile: Slate Stone Anthracite Lappato RC 100×100cm / 40”×40”

This kitchen will look like a living room, and that’s because it is too. The key to industrial aesthetics is to give prominence to materials and large, open spaces.

And this is what we have done, visually joining the kitchen and the living room to achieve luminosity in all the rooms and the sensation of having a much larger space. Thanks to Slate Stone in large-format 100x100cm ceramic, we created a robust environment, full of strength and with a great visual impact. In this environment, the dark elements give style, the light ones give luminosity.

Slate Stone Anthracite, the darkest model in the collection, helps with its versatility to give the room a distinguished touch. Although simplicity reigns supreme in this industrial style kitchen with a boho feel, it is a versatile ceramic model for fusing styles, and a style that can be adapted to homes or work spaces located in almost any location, city or natural environment, it doesn’t matter. You set the style.

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