About us

Sanchis Hôme is a company with over 100 years of experience in the ceramics sector, and we have continued to move with the times. We have gone from being a traditional ceramics company to designing and manufacturing on-trend ceramic products, so we are now a company that decorates homes.
A home is a place to live with your family, to feel safe and enjoy complete freedom. Making these moments special with a modern, decorative look is the hallmark of the Shô brand.

In Sanchis Hôme, ceramics are part of the décor that makes up a home.

SHô, the trendsetter

Sanchis Hôme is a company that specialises in ceramic decoration for the home, at the cutting edge of the latest design trends.

We have an in-house design department that keeps up-to-date with the latest trends in interior design and decoration. Thanks to the groundwork and coolhunting that we perform by attending various annual events in the world of interior design and decoration, we produce appealing products that are in line with current home fashion trends.

Researching social, market and product trends forms the basis for the company’s strategic design. This research has led to us creating increasingly elegant, versatile and contemporary collections.

SHô, we believe in people

We believe strongly in everyone involved in this project: our customers, employees and suppliers. We listen to our customers’ needs, accommodate the way they work, continuously innovating to offer them the latest design trends and outstanding performance.

We are part of an industrial group but you can tell that we started as a close-knit family-run business by our friendly, engaging and courteous service.

Our team is made up of energetic people who continuously push us to improve. We always want to do more and do it better. We enjoy everything that we do every day.

We encourage cooperation between our teams and with customers and suppliers. We are aware that without all of them, we would not be able to successfully achieve our goals.

SHô, Trendy product

Sanchis Hôme has an internal product department that always keeps up-to-date with the latest trends in interior design and decoration.
Our research into the latest trends in ceramic design, decoration and fashion, in the form of coolhunting at domestic and international trade fairs, on social media and in design magazines, has made Sanchis Hôme a leading company in the ceramics sector, creating collections that are increasingly stylish, versatile and cutting-edge.

SHô, we believe in quality

For SHÔ quality never happens by chance, it is the result of striving to be leaders, consistency over time, believing in the people who work in our organisation and seeking the satisfaction of our customers and the sustainability of our processes as a common goal.

We believe in quality, we are committed to following procedures that allow us to work as efficiently as possible.

We are committed to selecting raw materials and using the most innovative technologies to make our products excellent.

We are committed to optimising our working methods to maximise the quality of our products. Implementing ISO 9001 means that our products are standardised and the company is firmly committed to quality and a high standard of work.

SHô, we protect de environment

Our desire to care for and protect the environment has always been a priority for Sanchis Hôme.

The sustainability of our way of life and the need to balance this with the environment requires us to take specific steps and tangible actions.

In Sanchis Hôme, caring for the environment means more than optimising our production systems, it is a working philosophy that is present throughout our organisation.

Our ISO 14001 certification illustrates our dedication and support for a philosophy that underpins our organisation’s strong commitment to the quality of life of today’s society and future generations.


With over 100 years of history, Azulejos Sanchis S.L. was one of the first companies in the Spanish ceramics sector and we are an undisputed industry leader.


In 2007 Azulev bought Azulejos Sanchis, a business that is over one hundred years old and is based in Alcora and one of the top companies in the sector.


In January 2020, Rocersa acquired the Azulev Group, comprised of the Azulev and Azulejos Sanchis brands.


Thus was born the Sanchis Hôme brand; the brand started to undergo a complete revamp and rebranding in June 2020. Shô stopped focusing on a single area, construction material, and was reborn as a provider of decorative options for every room in the home.

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