The sustainability of our lifestyle and its necessary balance with the environment requires concrete facts and tangible actions. That is why we have created this digital catalogue #ECOLIFESTYLE, in which we have expressed our commitment and environmental philosophy.

SHô Premium Collections
Discover all of the decorative ideas and options offered by ceramic tiles, fall in love with our Premium collections. As well as covering walls and floors, ceramic tiles offer a world of decorative combinations on walls, floors and throughout the home. You can create different effects depending on the size, position and style of the ceramic tile that you choose.
Colored Concrete
Slate Stone
Cement Stone
Colours Collection
Minimal wood
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Luxury marbles
Sensory Collection
An unusual, provocative collection with a strong decorative impact, which complements our SHô Premium Collections.
SHô Basic Collection
You will be amazed by their countless decorative possibilities, their vibrant surface finishes that arouse the senses, whose look and feel can take you by surprise, and their extensive range of colours that will allow you to create a special place.
Basic Collection
Company Profile
Company Profile 2021
Concern for the care of the environment and the preservation of the environment have been a constant priority for Sanchis Hôme.
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