Christmas decoration trends

We are immersed in Christmas. The lights in the streets, the smell of chestnuts, the cold… everything that surrounds Christmas is already here. Have you prepared your home for the occasion? Homes are, without a doubt, the central axis of Christmas, it is where we get together with our friends and family during these much-desired holidays, where we have our lunches and dinners… Christmas decoration trends set the tone for this year, so even if you want to recycle some of the decorations from previous years, we recommend that you update some of them because the trends have changed.

From Sanchis Hôme we want to talk about 5 trends that are present this season: asymmetrical Christmas trees, the colour red, wood (a classic at Christmas), decorating with candles and fireplaces.

We break down each of these Christmas trends!

Asymmetrical Christmas trees

This season we are not wearing leafy trees, but rather sparse and asymmetrical ones. It seems that the minimalist trend of the last few seasons has finally caught on this festive season, and without a doubt, we can see it reflected in the trees, the most representative element of homes during the festive season.

Why have these trees become fashionable? Because they allow the decoration to be much cleaner, and also because they adapt perfectly to the most predominant decorative style in our continent: the minimalist and Scandinavian style.

These trees do not require decorative objects such as balls, stars, gifts, pine cones… a few good lights spread all over the tree will suffice.

decoración navideña

The colour red

Red is the most important Christmas colour. No matter how many new trends come out, the trend of decorating with red accents will never go out of fashion during this festive season, as it is the most representative, the colour of royalty.

It can be combined with green and brown for a more Christmassy effect.

Where do we place the colour red? Small accents of colour can be placed in spaces through candles, Christmas wreaths, blankets, cushions…

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Wood is one of the main materials used at Christmas. There are many types of wooden objects that you can place in the home to provide that touch that is so popular during the festive season.

Wooden floors or porcelain tiles that imitate wood are a trend in decoration, and therefore, homes that have them have an advantage over others, because with just four details the house will already have a nice Christmas touch.

What is Sanchis Hôme’s star product that best fits in with everything we are telling you? Minimal Wood. A careful representation of woods capable of connecting all the inhabitants of a home with nature, creating a beautiful minimalist and elegant aura.

Can you imagine a house with Minimal Wood and a Christmas decoration?


Candles are a must-have in Christmas decoration. Green, red and even white candles, to decorate and also to provide aromas and indirect lighting to create intimate and cosy spaces. They can even be used to decorate the tables for lunch and dinner on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Eve..

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Fireplaces can become, together with the tree, the protagonists of Christmas. Many families spend a lot of time around them and they are also a decorative element that can be greatly enhanced at this time of year. Socks and other small items of clothing can be hung from them to ensure that the living room looks more festive.

For those of you who have a fireplace in your home, creating a home with Christmas decorations just got a whole lot easier!

decoración navideña

What should you have in your home at Christmas?