Colored Concrete Collection: new collection by Sanchis Hôme

At Sanchis Hôme we are very excited about the presentation of the new Colored Concrete collection, which fuses two elements widely used in decoration: cement and stone.

We are proud to be able to tell you that we continue to create and innovate through products as special as this one.

Discover here the most relevant details of Colored Concrete. Surprise yourself with its colours, formats and finishes.

New collection

Colored Concrete is a project that originates from the fusion of two raw materials: cement and stone. This, however, is not the most representative thing. These two materials have been coloured to give rise to an incredible series, of great aesthetic value that is committed to innovation, making an important place for itself among the list of new trends.

What can we highlight about this collection? That it brings a unique style thanks to a beautiful mix of colours and surfaces that give rise to very new and original combinations. Colored Concrete is a beautiful play of contrasts that brings freshness and vitality to spaces. Its main objective is to break with the purest minimalism, contributing to bring more joy to the environments.

As explained on the product page, the Mix and Match trend that represents this series stands for strong ideas with no limits to the imagination.

Colored Concrete is the collection you are looking for if you want to bring a high aesthetic value to the most eloquent spaces.

In what colours can we find this collection and in what formats? We reveal all this information to you below.

Colours of the new collection

These colours can easily be found in nature, which is why they bring so much freshness, naturalness and vitality.

Formats of the new collection

With regard to formats, this collection can be found in the following:

  • White body: 33×100 RC/ 13”x40” RC
  • Porcelain : 30X60 RC/ 12”x24” RC, 60X60 RC/ 24”x24” RC, 60×120 RC/ 24”x48” RC, y 100X100 RC/ 40”x40” RC.
  • OUTDOOR 20mm ideal for terraces, porches, etc., available in: 100X100X2 RC/ 40”x40” RC, y 60X60X2 RC/ 24”x24” RC.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of formats available in square shapes of different sizes, as well as rectangular ones.

Colored Concrete Accessories

Available in:

  • Lively: Lively Cas, Lively Earth, Lively Mud, Lively Ocean. Dimensions: 10×40 cm/ 4″x24″.
  • Graphics: Graphics Cast, Graphics Earth, Graphics Mud, Graphics Ocean. Dimensions: 14,8×14,8 cm/ 6″x6″.
  • Colorful Mix. Dimensions: 14,8×14,8 cm/ 6″x6″.


In its Outdoor 20mm version, ideal for outdoor areas of the home, we can find this collection in square format in the following dimensions: 100×100 RC/ 40 “x40” RC and 60×60 RC/ 24 “x24” RC, and in the colours: Cast, Mud and Earth.

Cement and stone

Cement has long been a growing trend in decoration. Fusing it with stone is not only an innovative step, but a way to bring a fresh, natural touch with elegant accents to the most sophisticated spaces.

Now you can achieve harmony, freshness and elegance thanks to Colored Concrete and Sanchis Hôme.