Decoration of fireplaces with cladding

In addition to heating homes, fireplaces have become a decorative element capable of providing character and a touch of distinction to living rooms.  Nowadays, fireplaces decorate much more than just rural houses, they have gone beyond their own limitations to become decoration tools in modern living rooms, typical of any cosmopolitan city.

This is the reason that pushes us to talk to you about the decoration of fireplaces, which have become a must in recent times.

The use of fireplaces in decoration

Decoración de chimeneas

Their use in decoration is widespread. Fireplaces provide warmth, originality and a lot of personality to the environment, especially at times when it is cold and we gather with the family around them, for example at Christmas.

There are many types of fireplaces, and depending on the style of decoration, it will be advisable to place them in one place or another, and with one covering or another.

For example, there are fireplaces for Nordic decoration, fireplaces for industrial decoration, fireplaces for minimalist decoration, fireplaces for country decoration…

All of them are usually located in the living room or in a sitting room, but where exactly? What kind of cladding do they have? What do they look like?

Where to place the fireplace at home

The question you are probably asking yourself is, in which part of the living room is it best to place the fireplace?

We propose three options that are currently setting the trend:

  • The fireplace in the centre, in front of the sofa under the TV. Lately, these are the most commonly used fireplaces. They occupy the same space as the television and the aesthetic result is incredible.
  • The fireplace in a corner of the living room or sitting room. They are perfectly integrated in the room and do not take up any space.
  • The fireplace in a vertical wall that acts as a separator between two areas. Many interior designers choose to separate the kitchen from the living/dining room with a vertical wall that goes from the ceiling to the floor, a wall where it is common to find fireplaces, or in some cases paintings and even televisions.

Fireplace coverings

Fireplaces are not limited to a single design. This is thanks to the number of different types of cladding that are suitable for them.

Cement Stone: this collection reinterprets cement showing a warm surface without losing its architectural essence. It is able to ally itself with the environments by creating very contemporary fireplaces inspired by this material. This type of fireplace is perfect for industrial, minimalist and even modern style spaces. They generate sensations such as sobriety, elegance, simplicity… They tend to blend in perfectly with the environment.

Decoración de chimeneas

Trend Collection: for a fireplace with an original aesthetic, choose Trend Collection. A creative option for those who are looking for a different space, a home where freedom and innovation are paramount.

Decoración de chimeneas

Slate Stone: replicates realistic textures and soft geometric reliefs. It is characterised by its naturalness and the timeless elegance of the stone it presents. Fireplaces with this type of cladding are designed for those who are looking for a more traditional fireplace with certain sophisticated touches.

Decoración de chimeneas

Fire has a great power of attraction, and even in cases where it is not possible to put fireplaces in homes, we can look for alternative decorative fireplaces that mimic this feeling and that both in maintenance, price and comfort… are better! Most houses nowadays have heating, so the traditional fire in the fireplace to heat the whole home is no longer necessary.

From Sanchis Hôme we hope we have helped you to know some of the most important details about fireplace decoration and we also hope we have inspired you with some ideas so that you can select the best cladding for your fireplace.