Feng Shui in decoration: what does it tell us?

Feng Shui in decoration has become a trend that few people do not want to follow. This philosophy, based on the importance of tonalities, the arrangement of space and the orientation of objects, teaches us how to decorate the interiors of all the rooms in a home to boost good energy. Do you want to know the keys to it? We’ll show you at Sanchis Hôme! We tell you all about Feng Shui decoration.

Keys to Feng Shui decoration

We have compiled the five main keys to Feng Shui decoration:

Clean spaces

Clean and tidy spaces are the pillar of this decoration. It is impossible to have good energy in spaces full of junk where unnecessary elements interfere negatively in the circulation of energy.

Luminous spaces

Light is life and that is why we must try to enhance the brightness of the spaces. Light fills any room in the house with good energy: bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen… It is always better to maximise natural light and regulate it through elements such as blinds, shutters, etc., rather than using artificial light.

Wood and metal: a perfect combination

Wood is a very warm element in decoration and in this type it represents growth. It is a material that, in one way or another, should be used in Feng Shui decoration. If you also want to add balance to the warm space, add some metal for a perfect combination.

Use of candles

The use of candles in Feng Shui spaces is absolutely necessary. They are an essential element in the decoration because they are responsible for expelling energies that have a negative influence.

Where to place the mirrors

Mirrors are an element of discord. Where should they be placed? We have to avoid placing them in places where Yin dwells (these places are bedrooms or places of relaxation). However, they can be placed in bathrooms (which are also a yin space). In the rest of the rooms it is also important to take into account where, as some purer tendencies indicate that they should not be placed in front of doors and windows.

Feng Shui decoration

Feng Shui decoration, contrary to what many people still think, is not an oriental style decoration, it has nothing to do with it! It is a decoration that is based on the conscious and harmonious occupation of space, with the sole objective of ensuring that the space has a positive influence on the people who are occupying it.

It originated in China, in a world between the visible and the invisible. A philosophy used today to arrange furniture and objects in very specific ways in some spaces, for example: in bathrooms and bedrooms.

We will talk about it below, specifically about Feng Shui decoration in the two rooms we have mentioned.

Decorating bedrooms

The decoration of the bedroom has to follow the general keys that we have talked about before, although there are also some other specific ones that are vital to take into account:

  • Make use of Feng Shui colours: in the bedroom you can make use, according to this philosophy, of the following colours; red, pink, white, yellow and orange. And not only in the bedroom, but also in any yin space.
  • Plants out of the bedroom: Plants are an important element in Feng Shui but they should not be in the bedroom. It doesn’t matter if they are natural or artificial, it is better to place them in living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, hallways…
  • Stay away from terror: in many bedrooms we find pictures or posters of celebrities or classic films that incite violence and terror. Feng Shu is totally against this and encourages us all to stay away from terror because it can promote stress in spaces intended for rest.

Bathroom decoration

Bathroom decoration according to Feng Shui points to the following: separate the toilet from the rest of the bathroom elements, if the bathroom is en suite always close the door so as not to mix the energies of the couple with energies linked to hygiene and cleanliness, adjust the mirror and make the space as luminous as possible.

In the West, most of us have surrendered to the classical culture of Feng Shui, haven’t you done so yet? Relaxing Feng Shui decoration is already a part of us, are you joining us too?