Ideas for an elegant home

Warm and elegant. Two adjectives that we would all like to use to define our homes. At Sanchis Hôme we want to show you how you can create an elegant home without it becoming a cold space. We give you some ideas to create different elegant rooms; ideas for the kitchen, for the living room, for the bathroom and for the bedroom and, in addition, we review some of the collections we have that can help you to achieve it.

Elegant kitchen

Kitchens have become a meeting space. Not only do we cook in them, but we also share our time with family and friends, which is why it is a space that has become so important in recent years, especially if it is immersed in the living room.


How to achieve an elegant kitchen?  A trend in the most elegant and sophisticated kitchens is to clad walls and worktops in marble, a material that gives a great touch of distinction. Ochre and gold tones, in general, metallic looks will not only provide the room with an elegant touch, but also give it a very distinctive modern touch.

Elegant living room

The living room is the centre of the home. It is one of the most important rooms. Normally, it is where we have lunch, dinner, watch TV, meet with the family, it is the place where we receive our guests… Who doesn’t want an elegant living room?  Elegant does not have to be synonymous with classic. Here are some ideas that we are sure will help you:


A beautiful wooden floor is very elegant. You will be able to create an elegant and warm living room at the same time. You can also recover doors, ceiling mouldings and even wall mouldings and combine all of this with some wood or marble cladding on walls or columns. Very successful and elegant combinations of materials!

Elegant bathroom

The bathroom has also become an important space. It’s where we unwind from long days, where we tidy up… Regardless of its size, you can create an elegant space that inspires relaxation.


How to achieve this? With good lighting, neutral colours, the right furniture and good wall and floor coverings.  The latter is what will determine the style of the bathroom, so if you want it elegant, you should select elegant pieces of elegant materials! As in the kitchen, it is advisable to select marble or metallic pieces, both of which will give it a very special character.

Stylish bedroom

The bedroom is not just a place to sleep. It has to be comfortable, of course, but also decorative. Bedrooms are spaces where we also read, change clothes and even spend hours in front of the television. This makes them, like the previous spaces, areas of the house where we must pay special attention to the deco. Do you want to know how to achieve an elegant bedroom?


Through visual order, lighting and a beautiful floor.  These three elements are key to making the bedroom an elegant room. We can go for ceramic floors imitating wood or even terrazzo.


Pieces from Sanchis Hôme that will help you achieve a very elegant home

Sensory Collection

With Sensory Collection you can get the elegant home you are looking for. It is the collection that allows you to decorate and create very exclusive atmospheres. Of all its pieces, the shiny and metallic ones stand out, perfect for an elegant and minimalist deco.

Luxury Marbles

The harmony of timeless classic marble meets style in this collection, one of the collections most committed to the value of elegance, a timeless elegance that combines modernity and classicism.

Can we help you create an atmosphere dominated by timeless elegance?