Trends in interior design and home decoration

This season we have said goodbye to neutrality and have given way to trends with more character, styles marked by naturalness and warmth. From Sanchis Hôme we make a review of the main trends in interior design, trends in interior design and decoration that have started their way this year but that will become strong next year 2022.

Japandi style

The Japandi style of decoration is one of the main trends of the season, a style that fuses the minimalism and cold, bright colours of Scandinavian style with the warmth and naturalness of Japanese-style interiors. Although it is not a novelty, it has reappeared this year 2021 with great force, leaving in its wake spaces that are halfway between Nordic and Zen.


What are the main keys? The use of very soft colours and materials to create exclusive, calm and relaxed spaces.

Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese concept related to aesthetics. It has become a trend linked to the absence of luxury, a trend characterised by authenticity and the imperfection of nature.

It is the current of simplicity, combined with the speciality of the unique. One way to achieve this style in a home is to opt for worn antique objects, natural fabrics and warm colours. Also flowers and plants, but not artificial ones.

Wabi Sabi is more than a trend, it is a lifestyle.


Multifunctional spaces

It is increasingly common to find multifunctional spaces, spaces such as living rooms or bedrooms that are also studios or offices, multipurpose spaces that cover different needs. Normally these spaces, by means of decorative tricks, differentiate the functions that are fulfilled in each of the areas, for example: the carpets, furniture, and even the colours may act as a separator between a living room and a kitchen, and even the lighting, as it will not be the same in the kitchen area as in the dining room.


The colour green

This season the colour green is staying with us. It is not one of the Pantone colours, however it is a must have in home decoration thanks to the continuous inclusion of plants and flowers, plants and flowers that bring that green accent to the spaces of the home, both bedrooms and bathrooms, living rooms or kitchens? Green is a colour that brings freshness, naturalness and vitality and that fits almost any style; from farmhouse, to japandi, nordic, industrial…

Natural materials

Natural materials are a trend, but not only that. Decorating with materials that have not been treated much, or that are totally natural, is a philosophy of life, a different way of understanding spaces in which the recovery of the relationship with nature takes precedence. In times when our environment worries us so much, the rise of environmentally friendly products is almost unstoppable. What is the essential? Wood. Wood is a natural material that fits perfectly with different decorative styles, from Scandinavian styles to industrial, modern styles… There are woods in many different tones, some more treated than others, but this material provides the naturalness and warmth that is so popular this season.


The curves

This season, curves are coming to the walls, stairs, even to different pieces of furniture. They are positioned as a soft decoration trend that evokes comfort, softness and sensuality. Curved lines are capable of creating authentic works of art and also make spaces much more harmonious. It might seem that straight lines are more modern, but nothing could be further from the truth. Modernism has always been full of curved lines, especially in furniture, with oval tables, curved chairs that invite calm and rest, and so on.


All the decoration trends we have mentioned in our article are closely related and all have a common denominator: naturalness. This makes us see that we are moving towards the creation of much warmer spaces and homes, where interior designers prioritise creating welcoming spaces where residents feel calm and relaxed.

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