We are launching our website!

At Sanchis Hôme we are excited to tell you that we are launching our corporate website in order to meet one of our main objectives: to give you the best service. Our aim is to maintain good communication with all of you and for that, we needed a website, a showcase to show you who we are and what we do!

The corporate website poses some challenges and needs, and its purpose is to become a virtual space that brings us closer to you and allows us to offer you everything you need.

The challenges and needs of our website.

The website was born out of the need to achieve fluid communication with all of you, our public, and for this reason the company has opted for the creation of an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making the transmission of information, navigability and our interaction with all of you as easy as possible.

We want communication with our customers to be a differentiating point with respect to the competition, a simple, fluid and above all very close communication.

What do we want to highlight about our website?


The response of the website every time users perform an action is fast, almost immediate, so you can browse the website, discovering collections, contents, corporate information, etc., quickly and comfortably.


Usability. This means that all of you will be able to interact in a simple way. A visual, clear and easy page for any user, even for those of you who are less computer literate. We are sure that you will find it very easy to take a virtual walk through it.


The website will have a space where the collections will be shown and another one where we will publish contents related to these collections, with trends, news, information about events, etc… The intention is to offer you useful and valuable information about our sector, and also about all our products.


The website becomes a clear space where you can contact us and see all the news we offer you. Although we will show them to you on social networks, we also want the website to occupy an important place in your day-to-day life, which is why we will also be active on it!


We also want to highlight the aesthetics. We have taken care to achieve a page in perfect harmony with the needs of all of you who follow us and our work. An aesthetic marked by the images, always carefully selected.


Finally, we would like to highlight the responsive version. The new digital scenario makes it necessary to create websites in a responsive version because today most of you visit websites through smartphones and not computers. The responsive version allows the aesthetics and design of the page to be seen in perfect conditions on tablets, computers and mobile phones, indistinctly.

With our website we have taken a step forward. A step that strengthens the relationship between our company and you, our public. A website that facilitates the collection showcase and, above all, facilitates contact with all of you who need something from us.

Now we are closer to you!